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Repair of the master-flutes by master craftsmen.

Recommendations from our regular customers


How it works

1. Telephone:

Please call in advance to make an appointment. (It's best to write us no later than two months in advance.)


2. Bring:

Bring / Send your flute to the Musik-Atelier Uesawa.

(If you send your flute, it would be very nice if you pack one piece of paper with

by saying what problems you have with your flute, or what should be improved.)


3. Wait:

For a complete overhaul it's needed about a week - when Uesawa is busy it can take even more.

(For example, many flutists bring their flute in the summer vacaton for repairs, so Uesawa is busy in every summer.)


4. Pick up:

Please make an appointment with Uesawa when you come to Munich to pick your flute up.

We will gladly send your flute by mail, with valuable insurance up to 25,000 euros.





  • Annual controll
    Cleaning, oiling, regulation, etc. - takes about two hours

      • usually from € 160.--

  • Overhaul
    Reset your flute to the "new" state - duration: about one week
    • Silver flute: from € 880.--*
    • Gold flute: from € 980.--*
    • Gold flute with gold mechanism: from € 1,260.--*
    • Piccolo: from € 840.--
    • Alto flute: from € 1,300.--
    • Bass flute: from € 1,470.--

Incl. VAT. and not including transport

  • Choice of pads
    1. Uesawa's Felt pads ("Uesawa W Pads")
    2. Synthetic pads ("Uesawa M Pads" or Straubinger Pads)
    3. Muramatsu Pads (only for Muramatsu flutes): plus € 150,-(B-footjoint) / € 130,-(C-footjoint)
    4. Nagahara Triad Pads (only for Nagahara flutes): plus € 150,-(B-footjoint) / € 130,-(C-footjoint)
    5. Uesawa's Silicone pads


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